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Number of Online Registered Visitors Grew

More than 1 000 Metal-Expo’2016 visitors have registered online on www.metal-expo.com by October 10. To save time last year some 10 000 visitors registered online on Metal-Expo website. This year more than 13 000 steel industry professionals ...

12 October, 14:46

Metal-Expo’2016 Organizing Committee Met at VDNH Fairgrounds

Metal-Expo’2016 Organizing Committee consisting of heads of sectoral ministries met on September 13 in hall 75 at VDNH, the fairgrounds were the exhibition will be held on November 8-11. Reportedly, more than 550 compa...

14 September, 15:47

Metal-Expo’2016: Exhibitor List is Uploaded on Website

Metal-Expo’2016 preliminary exhibitor list is uploaded on the website. In September and October the exhibitor list will be extended on a regular basis (weekly). Some 550 companies from 35 world countries will exhibit in Metal...

30 August, 14:56

Metal-Expo’2016 to Host Leaders in Heavy Engineering

MetallurgMash exposition (part of Metal-Expo’2016) exhibiting steel-making and processing equipment by leading manufacturers is 95% arranged. The exposition is endorsed by The International Union of Metallurgical Equipment Produ...

10 August, 12:07
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